RÖDER | Production, Maintenance & Assembly


Mobile production, maintenance and assembly halls from RÖDER INDUSTRY & TRADE fulfill all branch-specific requirements with ease. Whether an existing room solution is to be expanded in the long term by new buildings or if short-term increases in demand are to be met - MOBILE Hall systems from RÖDER are able to cope with all tasks and offer a great deal of space for production plants, workstations and offices.

The flexible room solutions from RÖDER distinguish themselves from the needs and project-appropriate space planning, a large accessory portfolio with state-of-the-art lighting, air-conditioning, heating and floor systems, favorable rental and purchase conditions and a sophisticated,

By the way: Our freestanding workshops can be erected free of charge in most cases - this saves time, money and nerves.

Everything from a single source: We accompany you from the first concept to the realization of your tailor-made hall. Just contact us to find out more!